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Efficient order management through a link with your TMS software

At Rietveld, we have a link to more than 20 TMS packages. No more paper trip lists, but integration with the Efficio on-board computer, where trip orders are sent directly from your back office. Your planner, and possibly your customer, has online and real-time insight into the status of the journey assignments.

In combination with the navigation of the Efficio on-board computer, your driver can navigate directly from the journey order to the correct address. Via the trip assignment, the driver easily justifies the work and additional information can be added to the trip. Through the feedback of the status and this related order information, planning has the status of the trip orders at a glance. The data is processed directly in your TMS package, significantly shortening the billing process.

See below which TMS packages we interface with:

With our extensive integration capabilities and the reliable functionality of our Efficio on-board computer, you can take your order management to the next level. Save time and increase the efficiency of your operations with our advanced solutions.


Is your TMS software not listed here? 

We at Rietveld regularly develop new links with TMS vendors, therefore it is possible that we have a link, but it is not yet listed on our website. 

Contact us today and find out how our link to your TMS package, can optimize your order management! 

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