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Havy Duty Worklights

Choose for safety and sustainability with EasyLights 

Do you or your colleagues recognise these problems around poor work light? 
  • Poor sight while working in the dark.
  • Unsuitable work lamps that are not comfortable and poorly adapted to outdoor work in the dark.
  • Eye strain due to poor work light.
  • Work lamps that break down too quickly, wasting time buying and installing new ones. 
  • Accidents while working in the dark, resulting in employees dropping out or not being able to work because the work lights are not working properly.

Meet Rietveld's EasyLights products, a sustainable and comfortable improvement!


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Rietveld - Exclusive distributor of Nordic Lights

Rietveld is an exclusive distributor of Nordic Lights from Finland for the BeNeLux countries and Germany. They know best what working in the dark means for operators and drivers. In Finland, the winter days are short and they often work in the dark. Nordic Lights' LED work lights are specially designed to make work safer and more comfortable, even under the toughest conditions.



Benefits of EasyLights work lights

Comfortable light for less eye strain
The most ideal light for any type of work. In the dark and in the rain, Nordic Lights work lights provide the most comfortable light. With the bright color temperature offered by the lights, you get white light that provides less eye fatigue than yellow light.

Work safely with perfect visibility
The work lights provide the most perfect visibility for any situation, making it much safer to work in the dark. With bright, white light, you see everything much better. With yellow light, your brain associates with dim sunlight. Substances are produced in your brain that indicate that the sun is about to set: time to sleep.

Customization for every situation
Nordic Lights understands that not every work situation is the same. That's why they offer work lamps in different voltage options: 12v, 24v, 48v or 80v. This allows you to choose the right lamp to fit your specific needs. Plus, radio interference is 100% a thing of the past with EMC, CISPR 25 Class 5 radio interference suppression.

Work more efficiently
Employee productivity increases significantly as a result of good visibility. For example, do you work at relatively high speeds? Then a high-beam (verstraler) helps keep the work speed high. Or conversely, a WideFlood (wide-beam) pattern for vehicles at lower speeds. With the right light, tailored to the work situation, you can work more efficiently.

Durable quality 
The work lights can withstand the most extreme conditions. Nordic Lights work lights are built to perform even under the most extreme conditions. They are shockproof and can take a beating, resulting in a longer service life. On average, Nordic Lights work lights last as long as 50,000 hours. This means fewer replacements and lower costs in the long run. Quality labels/ratings: IP6K9K, SAE J1455, ISO 9227, 240H, EMC, CISPR 25 Class 5

Warranty 5 years
Nordic Lights stands behind the quality of their work lights and offers an impressive 5-year warranty on light output. After 5 years, 80% of the light output is still present. 

More efficiency through cost savings
Thanks to their focus on quality (heavy duty), Nordic Lights work lights have a long life and a high return on investment (ROI). They are also energy efficient, saving you on energy costs. In addition, the bright, comfortable, white light reduces the risk of accidents and damage.

Easy installation
The work lights are easy to install on any vehicle. Rietveld has had experience in vehicle management and safety for SMEs and government since 1994. Personal service is a high priority at Rietveld and, if required, we can also install the EasyLights on location.

Rietveld, a reliable partner 
Rietveld has been the #1 supplier in vehicle management and safety for SMEs and the government since 1994. Personal service from initial consultation through installation.

There are EasyLights for:

Asphalt paver -Concrete truck -Fire truck -Bulldozer -Combine -Dump truck -Excavator / Earthmoving machine - Forklift / Reach truck - Cranes / Transfer crane - Shovel / Skid steer loader / Wheel loader - Tractor - Sweeper - Telehandler - Truck - Garbage truck / Collection vehicle 

Conclusion | Safer working with EasyLights 

Rietveld's EasyLight with the work lights from Finland's Nordic Lights are the ideal choice for those who want to work comfortably and safely, whatever the conditions. With their bright, white light, durable quality and customization options, they offer significant benefits for both employees and employers.

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