Partnerships: Rietveld builds lasting relationships

Rietveld works closely with renowned partners in the field of transport automation and safety, which has enabled us to build lasting relationships for many years. By using their solutions company-wide, we strengthen your competitive position. Our customized solutions fit your needs perfectly.

Strengthen your competitiveness with our supplier partners

Our carefully selected suppliers offer expertise and innovative solutions. Together, we create a solid foundation for success. Find out how we, with our suppliers and partners, can help optimize your business processes. Contact us today for more information!

  • Autoclima - partner in parking cooling
  • Bearlock - partner in security
  • Camos - partner in high quality camera's
  • Cango - partner in onboard computers
  • Continental - partner in tire pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Dalti - the industry association for ICT suppliers in transport and logisticsd
  • Dometic - partner in stand cooling  and camera's
  • Scania Driver Services - partner in onboardcomputers
  • Dynniq - partner in greenflow for trucks
  • ECCO - partner in alarms, flashlights, alarmlamps, warning lights - customization for every vehicle
  • Transfollow - partner in E-CMR via te onboard computer
  • Garmin - partner in monitors and navigation on the on-board computer
  • Goed op de weg - partner in training based on onboard computer data
  • Harrewijn - partner in training based on onboard computer data
  • Hello Mobility - partner in data-driven coaching for drivers
  • LogicWay - partner in time processing and trip reports from the onboard computer
  • MXN - Partner in camera's on vehicles
  • Nextdriver - Partner in trainingen BC Data
  • NordigLights - partner in sustainable quality LED Worklights - customized for every vehicle and machine
  • Orlaco - partner in camera and detection systems
  • Piccolo Splitter - partner in parking cooling in vehicles and objects.
  • Project44 - Partner in ict solutions for oplossingen voor verzendinformatie met boordcomputers for shipment information with on-board computers.
  • SafetyCT - ICT partner in solutions for on-board computers
  • Shippeo - ICT partner in solutions for on-board computers
  • Sylogi - partner of Rietveld in detection products for obstacles or people - customized solutions for each vehicle
  • Simacan - partner in optimizing logistical processes
  • Sixfold - partner with a real-time logistics platform
  • Squarell Technology - partner for hardware canbus adapters
  • T-comm telematics - partner for exact temperature measurements during transport
  • TConsult - partner for scanner software connected to the on-board computer
  • Telematiqs - partner in hardware voor fleetmanagementoplossingen
  • Timocom - Rietveld's partner as digital marketplace for the transport sector
  • Travelcard - partner in software connection with fuel card datasoftware
  • Webasto - Rietveld's partner in parking heaters
  • Yoursoft - partner in software for hourly driver data from on-board computers


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