Construction companies and contractors
Efficiently manage vehicles and materials and clearly arranged in one screen

For construction companies and contractors, Rietveld's solutions and products are really very Easy. Rietveld is #1 supplier for SMEs in the construction industry. Our knowledge of the problems, the requirements, the legislation and regulations in this industry are known to us in detail. We speak the language of our contacts within the construction industry. From the entrepreneur, the planner, the administrator to the drivers and construction workers.

We offer customized solutions because every company has different requirements. Our Easy solutions are constantly evolving. We move with the times to make management and safety solutions more efficient, more sustainable, cheaper and safer. 

For the construction industry, it is very easy to have all vehicles and equipment clearly displayed in one screen in real time. This is possible with our EasyTrack and EasyAsset software. 

The locations of machines and valuable equipment and objects, departure and arrival times, routes driven by the vehicles; everything is clearly displayed with Rietveld's solutions. It simplifies your administration considerably! With our software you plan more easily and efficiently and you never have to look for where your materials are again. You no longer lose them. That saves a lot of time and euros.

Another additional Easy feature is the Remote Service Monitor application. This alerts you when vehicles or materials need maintenance and must be inspected. Together with our software EasyTrack, you are always on time and well taken care of.

In addition to EasyManagement, we also offer EasySafety products. Rietveld's safety products prevent accidents and damage to vehicles. Alarms, detection systems, cameras with video telematics. We like to make your work easier and safer.

Every construction company or contractor works differently

We are happy to help you with your personal requirements. Together we look at the possibilities. That is the strength of Rietveld. Customization, personal attention, short lines of communication with always the Easy Mindset.

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