Rietveld, a business partner you can rely on

Are you looking for a supplier to deploy your vehicles, machines and/or objects as efficiently as possible? Are you looking for extra safety and comfort for your employees on the road and while working in the dark?

Then in Rietveld you will find a reliable knowledge and business partner.

Rietveld helps companies and organizations work more efficiently and safely with their vehicles, machines and objects while reducing costs. We do this by supplying sustainable products and services of the highest quality. 

Rietveld is distinctive because we have all the necessary disciplines in-house, including Research & Development, Project Management, Helpdesk, Aftersales & Service and Sales departments. As an independent organization, we develop and supply our own fleet management systems, which ensures short lines of communication and a flexible approach.

We also provide companies with customized advice and solutions. We want drivers and operators to work more efficiently and communicate more efficiently with the back office through (video) telematics solutions. In this way, organizations achieve their goals in the areas of increasing business efficiency, safe working practices, higher employee satisfaction and sustainability.

On this page we will not discuss our solutions and products. But we are pleased to tell you a little more about 'who we are' and 'what we stand for'.

"Our mission is to collaborate with our customers and partners in making organizations more sustainable, increasing business efficiency and providing safer, more comfortable working conditions." Pleun Rietveld.

Our past

Rietveld was founded in 1994 by owner Pleun Rietveld. Pleun Rietveld is still at the helm of the company. Not only as director/owner, but certainly also as an involved person for customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues. Rietveld still has the character of a family business. 

In 2016, Rietveld acquired the company Trasec. Together with Trasec, Rietveld became #1 partner for SME's and government organizations in the field of telematics solutions in the transportation and transport sector, among others.

In 2021, Rietveld was asked to connect GrootJebbink to the company. This was an opportunity for Rietveld to meet the demand in the field of vehicle safety for all kinds of transport vehicles, objects and machines. Since November 2023, Rietveld has continued under one name.


Our core values

You will experience Rietveld's core values from your first contact with us. Not only are our products called Easy; they are Easy!

We strive to continuously implement the 'Easy way of working' in our business operations. We always want to make things easier for the customer.

Other core values we consider important are:

Excellent: We deliver excellent quality. We strive to reduce negative impact on our environment with Lean & Green.

Ambition: Our ambition is to continuously develop our products and services. We move with the times and strive for a more efficient and safer way of working. This results in higher returns.

Service: We provide personal service and think along with our customers, partners and colleagues in a friendly, empathetic way.

Yes: We highly value the annual reviews of our ISO 9001/14001 certificates. We do business socially by, among other things, considering inclusiveness normal. Through our Rietveld Foundation we help people on their way with core values and self-reliance.


Our personal service 

We would like to emphasize this even more. As the #1 partner for SME's and the government, this is essential. Although we also try to digitize and standardize processes as much as possible, we also believe it is important that personal contact to discuss personal wishes should be easy and self-evident.


Rietveld one stop shop

Rietveld takes care of everything for you. From research to development and supplying the latest updates. We develop our own fleet management telematics software and video telematics software for real-time camera images. In addition, we only work with reliable partners for complementary products, but you basically get to deal with one supplier. And with all this, we provide personal service from the initial consultation to the installation of hardware, software and maintenance.

Our vision

Technological developments in vehicle management and safety are evolving at a rapid pace. We follow these closely in order to continue to assist our customers with their requirements. We are also expanding our product range in the area of safety products and management services. This allows us to offer our services to multiple markets and also operate internationally.


What is our ultimate goal?

In an Easy way, we can continue to help our customers achieve greater efficiency, sustainability and better safety on the road and at work. What is good for our customers is also good for the continuity of Rietveld.

Rietveld | The Easy route to greater efficiency, sustainability and safety.