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Active warning of people and obstacles with EasyDetect

How Easy would it be if you solved these issues?
  • Less damage to your vehicles due to fewer collisions or accidents. 
  • No more excuses from drivers and drivers that they did not detect an object or person.
  • Prevention of blind spot collisions.
  • A better image through fewer accidents; especially if people are involved.
  • Less hassle with insurers regarding claims.
  • Reduction of damage to other vehicles; fewer claims.

You can achieve all this with Rietveld's EasyDetect products.


Watch a video of the practical application on a crane here

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Obstacle detection and person detection

Obstacle detection and person detection are important aspects in various industries. Detection systems provide not only safety but also efficiency in various environments. With advanced detection systems, obstacles can be accurately detected and reported, preventing accidents and damage. Whether in warehouses, parking garages, production sites and on the road; a reliable detection system is essential for employee and property safety.

Benefits of vehicle detection systems from Rietveld:

Added comfort
Detection systems make maneuvering, reversing and parking a whole lot more comfortable. 

Extra safety
Safety is essential when maneuvering, reversing and parking vehicles or machines. It is important to be alerted in time for people or objects around the vehicle. With EasyDetect from Rietveld, you get a customized detection system that ensures a safe working environment; for public areas or closed environments and for people and obstacle detection. 

EasyDetect offers detection systems suitable for both enclosed environments and public areas. Whether detecting people or obstacles, for large or small vehicles, Rietveld always has the right solution. Because we are responsible for developing the products ourselves, we can offer the optimal safety solution for every company. After all, no vehicle or environment is the same.

Audible and visible warning signals
The detection system alerts not only the driver, but also the back office employee. This helps to prevent damages and work more efficiently.

Sustainable quality and affordable solution
Rietveld guarantees durable quality and offers affordable solutions. Sylog is Rietveld's 'house brand' of detection systems. With EasyDetect you get a product that will last and at the same time fit within your budget.

The detection system can be easily installed with clear instructions. This ensures correct installation and optimal ease of use. If desired, we will help with the installation.

Reliable partner
Rietveld has been the number one supplier in vehicle management and safety for SMEs and the Government since 1994. From the initial consultation to installation and maintenance, you can count on personal service.

Conclusion | Detection systems for safety and efficiency

Detection systems play an important role in ensuring safety and improving efficiency in various (working) environments. Invest today in high-quality detection technologies for peace of mind and optimal performance.

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