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Reversing alarms - extra safety with EasyAlarms

How Easy would it be if you solved these issues?
  • Reduced accidents involving people around the vehicle and other road users.
  • Less damage to the vehicle and hassle with the insurer.
  • No more image damage for the company and your drivers due to fewer accidents and irritating alarm sounds.
  • Fewer damage costs to the vehicle and cargo.

You can achieve all this with Rietveld's EasyAlarms products


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Rietveld - Exclusive dealer of Ecco and Sylogi

In the modern world of (electric) vehicles and machinery, reversing alarms have become an essential addition. Not only do they offer convenience and added safety, but they can also be adapted to different vehicle types.

While you would think that a reversing alarm is mandatory given its importance to safety, this is not the case. There are no regulations that explicitly require every standard vehicle to be equipped with a reversing alarm.

Benefits of reversing alarms on vehicles:

Convenience during maneuvering
Drivers can maneuver with greater confidence thanks to the additional sensory information provided by the alarms. The warning signal helps them estimate the distance to obstacles, which is crucial when reversing

Extra safety through warning
One of the main benefits of reversing alarms is improved safety. They warn bystanders and other road users when a vehicle is reversing. This minimizes the risk of accidents and damage.

Customization for every type of vehicle
Reversing alarms are flexible and can be adapted to different vehicles and machines. This even includes choosing the type of sound the alarm makes. Whether it's a beep, a crackling sound or "white noise," you can tailor the alarm to your specific needs. 

Work more efficiently
Reversing alarms help drivers protect valuable loads and objects from accidental damage while reversing. This not only reduces the risk of damage, but also saves time and money.

Durable quality
Rietveld, a trusted name in the industry, only works with quality products that last for years. This means you can rely on the durability of the reversing alarms we supply.

Easy installation
Rietveld not only offers high-quality products, but can also take care of the professional installation of reversing alarms. We provide you with clear instructions for optimal use.

Reliable partner since 1994
Since 1994, Rietveld has built a solid reputation as the #1 supplier in vehicle management and safety for SMEs and the Government. We offer personal service, from initial advice to installation and maintenance.

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Conclusion | Safer on the road with a reversing alarm

Reversing alarms are therefore a valuable addition to any vehicle, both for professional use and for private individuals. With a reversing alarm, you not only ensure your own safety, but also the safety of others on the road. So don't hesitate to take action and invest in this important safety measure on the road and/or while at work!

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