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Pleasant temperatures in vehicles and machines with EasyClimate products

How Easy would it be if you solved these issues?
  • Always the right temperature in your vehicle or machine; without running the engine.
  • Being able to sleep soundly and get behind the wheel well rested again.
  • Having satisfied employees, instead of complaining colleagues, about the temperature in the vehicle or machine.
  • Fewer accidents and damages due to well-equipped drivers who react more alertly.
  • Have more effective employees in machines during extremely hot or cold days.
  • Transport animals in a comfortable temperature, for example in dog and horse transport.
  • Attract new drivers more easily.

You can achieve all this with Rietveld's EasyClimate products.


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Your fleet is your drivers' workplace. Offer them comfort and safety.

With a truck parking heater or stand air conditioner, you ensure that even when the engine is off, they stay in a comfortable temperature. Whether they seek warmth in the winter months or coolness in the summer, a climate control system will allow them to make the best use of legally required rest periods. Opt for cab air conditioning and/or a parking heater.

Benefits of ideal temperature in the cab of the vehicle or machine

Comfort while working, resting and sleeping
An ideal temperature even when the engine is off contributes a lot to a rested driver or operator. 

Customization: A customized stand air conditioner or parking heater for every type of vehicle. Compact parking heaters and parking air conditioners so that the roof hatch / escape hatch remains free. 

More environmentally friendly: Reduce CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and engine wear

Additional driver safety: Less chance of an accident with a rested driver. No more condensation on the inside.

Installation: Installed by Rietveld or have it installed with clear instructions from Rietveld. You can do both. Rietveld has been building climate control systems in all types of vehicles and machinery for more than 25 years. 

Rietveld, reliable partner since 1994
Since 1994, Rietveld has built a solid reputation as the #1 supplier in vehicle management and safety for SMEs and the Government. We offer personal service, from initial advice to installation and maintenance. 

Rietveld works with these EasyClimate partners:

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Conclusion | Comfortable and well-equipped on the road with a stand heater and/or stand air conditioner

With an EasyClimate product from Rietveld, you will never again have to worry about uncomfortable conditions in your vehicles or machines. Always enjoy the right temperature, increased productivity and safety, as well as comfortable transportation for animals. 

Do you need additional advice on stand heaters and/or stand air conditioners?

Very understandable! We are ready to help you with your personal requirements. Together we look at the possibilities. That is the strength of Rietveld. Customization, personal attention, short lines of communication with always the Easy Mindset. 

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