Quality Marks

We believe it is important to conduct Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Therefore, we want to meet strict quality requirements. We have established procedures and included them in our Quality Occupational Health and Safety Environmental System, based on various disciplines in our organization. Our policy focuses on fulfilling agreements and procedures because we want to be a committed partner for our customers and suppliers.

ISO Certifications

Our methods and organization are tested annually by EBN Certifications against the ISO standards. We are super proud to announce that we have held the ISO 14001:2015 certificate for our Environmental Management System and the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the quality of our business processes for many years. 


These certifications confirm our commitment to continuous improvements in both environmental protection and customer satisfaction. We remain committed to sustainability and always want to comply with providing the highest standards of quality.


Lean & Green

In 2014, Rietveld achieved Lean & Green for fuel management recognition with our EasyDrive service. With this system, companies save significantly on fuel and vehicle costs. The Lean & Green program encourages companies to become more sustainable by taking cost-saving measures that also reduce environmental impact. The Lean and Green Solutions have been developed to support companies in this process. These products or services help companies achieve their savings goals and reduce CO2 emissions.



SBB Recognized Training Company

Since May 2017, Rietveld has been an approved Learning Company. With great enthusiasm, we share our knowledge and experience with the new generation in order to also give something back to society. 


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