Security and Emergency Services
Working safely and efficiently extra important for security and emergency services

For security and emergency services, Rietveld's solutions and products are really very Easy. Working efficiently and safely is important for any organization, but doubly so when the daily work involves rescuing people and animals from life-threatening situations.

It is this sector where Rietveld is a very reliable supplier. Our knowledge of the problems, requirements, legislation and regulations in this sector is known to us in detail. We speak the language of our contacts within the safety regions. From the decision maker, the planner, the administrator to the firefighters, police officers and paramedics. 

Rietveld has developed a special Efficio on-board computer for the safety regions. 

Among other things, it offers:

  • Exact real-time positions and accurate trip records,
  • Full integration with current back-office systems and third-party applications. The control room transmits the address directly to the on-board computer, which then automatically transmits the address to the driver. This saves time for the driver.
  • Quality navigation from GARMIN in combination with the digital accessibility map
  • Overarching cooperation between adjacent safety regions. Because several neighboring regions use the on-board computer for Safety Regions, it is also possible to act jointly in the event of "larger" reports. The control room can control vehicles from various regions without the need for additional actions.

We offer customized solutions because every safety region has its own requirements. Our Easy solutions are constantly evolving. We move with the times to make management and safety solutions ever more efficient, sustainable, cheaper and safer. 

In addition to EasyManagement, we also offer EasySafety products.

Rietveld's safety products prevent accidents and damage to vehicles. For emergency services, a good overview of the situation around the vehicle using a camera system or work lights is essential. For the proper performance of work, safety comes first. Especially in hectic situations and difficult to reach places.

Rietveld specializes in supplying products that improve the field of vision of the driver of an ambulance or fire truck and reduce the risk of damage and collisions. In doing so, not only is the safety of emergency service personnel improved, but also that of bystanders and passers-by.

Every safety region has its own requirements

We are happy to help you with your personal requirements. Together we look at the possibilities. That is the strength of Rietveld. Customization, personal attention, short lines of communication with always the Easy Mindset.

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