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Well-managed, sustainable and safe on the road as a delivery service

For last mile delivery, Rietveld's solutions and products are truly Easy. It is this sector that Rietveld has grown very strongly in recent years. Our knowledge of the problems, requirements, legislation and regulations in this industry is well known to us. We speak the language of our contacts within the last mile delivery/distribution industry companies. From the entrepreneur, the fleet manager, the planner, the administrator to the driver.  

We offer customized solutions because every distributor has different needs. Our Easy management solutions are constantly evolving. We move with the times to make transport management and transport safety more efficient, sustainable, cheaper and safer. 

EasyTrack software

EasyTrack is our ideal cloud-based module for fleet management, for example for digital proof of delivery applications. 

Reduce CO2 emissions with EasyDrive and EasyView.

On EasyTrack, we have a module EasyDrive available. This gives you insight into the driving behavior of the drivers. Driving too fast, braking too hard, accelerating too quickly; with the driving style analyses from EasyDrive, drivers can be coached in a well-founded manner that not only saves a lot of money in fuel consumption, but also reduces damage and CO2 emissions. Especially when combined with EasyView, which uses video telematics images to show what has happened on the road. More control and more safety for the driver.

In addition to EasyManagement, we also offer EasySafety products. Rietveld's safety products prevent accidents and damage to vehicles. Alarms, detection systems, durable work lights and digital weighing systems. We like to make your work easier and safer.

Every distributor / last mile delivery company is different

We are happy to help you with your personal requirements. Together we look at the possibilities. That is the strength of Rietveld. Customization, personal attention, short lines of communication with always the Easy Mindset.

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