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Time registration automatically calculated with EasyHours

How Easy would it be if you solved these issues?
  • No more manual checks to decipher and process handwritten daily statements. 
  • No more time-consuming discussions with drivers.
  • No more having to spend time on manual administrative actions.
  • Excessive labour costs that you cannot explain.
  • Inaccurate data on overtime payments
  • Less staff turnover due to correct payment.  

You can achieve all this with Rietveld's EasyHours.

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Rietveld - partner of YourSoft 

Rietveld has a partnership with YourSoft for processing the trip data from your on-board computers. (journey administration) and the translation of the journey data into your employees' paid hours and allowances. This is fully compliant with the regulations of the Transport Collective Labor Agreement for drivers and couriers. Rietveld offers this software under the white label EasyHours to our customers with an Efficio on-board computer.

Benefits of Easyhours 

Clear and fast trip control
EasyHours has a handy function that allows you to check your trip data. This trip data is automatically collected from the Efficio on-board computer. You can easily set how often you want to receive the trip data. Thanks to the visual display of the trip data, checking and, if necessary, correcting it is quick and easy. 

Automatic collective bargaining agreement calculations
EasyHours automatically handles the calculations for your collective bargaining agreement. This includes hours, allowances, compensation and even company-specific regulations and collective agreements from other countries. 

Adjustable standard times per activity or location
EasyHours automatically creates correction proposals based on preset standard times. You can easily and quickly check and implement these proposals. It is even possible to implement the corrections fully automatically based on the norm times.

Clear periodic overviews (wage slip) per driver
EasyHours automatically produces clear overviews of working hours for your drivers. These overviews are based on trip information from the Efficio on-board computer. You can easily send them to your drivers by e-mail or make them available in the 'Employee Portal'.

Automated export to salary packages
To make things even easier for you, EasyHours has the option of automatically exporting periodic overviews in a file, which you can submit to the payroll processor or import into the payroll software.

Also generate timesheets for non-driving staff
EasyHours can automatically generate timesheets for office staff and other non-driving personnel based on established work schedules. Any adjustments or additions can be made for absences due to leave or illness. It is also possible to enter hours or trip dates completely manually.

More return through time savings
It goes without saying that you can save many hours with EasyHours because of all the automated operations. 

Easy installation and available everywhere
EasyHours is a very user-friendly application. The new generation of Hours/CLAO/Salary advance software is always and everywhere available via smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop.

Rietveld, a reliable partner 
Rietveld has been the #1 supplier in vehicle management and safety for SMEs and the Government since 1994. Personal service from initial consultation to installation.

EasyHours is often purchased in combination with:

Efficio onboard computer
EasyTrack - fleet management
EasyTacho - tachograph management 
EasyDrive - driving style analyses

Conclusion | More efficient work with EasyHours

Time-consuming calculations are a thing of the past with the EayHours software package for trip administration and collective labor agreement hours processing for the transport and logistics sector.

Do you work with truck drivers and would you like additional explanations about EasyHours and/or a demo?

Quite understandable, because a lot is possible. Together we will come up with an ideal solution for your personal requirements. That is the strength of Rietveld. Customization, personal attention, short lines of communication and always the Easy Mindset.

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