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Drivingstyle analysis - CO2 reduction and fuel savings

How Easy would it be if you solved these issues?
  • Gain insight into fuel consumption.
  • Achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and fuel costs.
  • Lower ROB costs (repair, maintenance and tyres).
  • Raising awareness among your drivers about their driving behaviour.
  • Demonstrably reducing CO2 emissions.

You can achieve all this with Rietveld's EasyDrive.

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With EasyDrive you are on the road sustainably while reducing fuel and maintenance costs.  

Fuel and maintenance costs are a significant part of total vehicle costs, and both are strongly influenced by driving behavior. Of course you want to save on this. Rietveld helps you do just that with our EasyDrive solution. Using CAN-Bus data, this module generates clear reports on fuel consumption and driving style. The driving behavior of your drivers is analyzed and assessed on the basis of customer- and vehicle-specific parameters, with scores being awarded. This creates a benchmark, including indicators such as the use of cruise control, speed, RPM, idle time, acceleration, deceleration and coasting.

Discover the benefits of EasyDrive:

Insight into fuel consumption
Using CAN-Bus data, EasyDrive generates clear reports on drivers' fuel consumption and driving style. This insight helps identify opportunities for savings.

Reducing fuel consumption and costs
By raising awareness of drivers' driving habits and providing scores, EasyDrive encourages a more efficient driving style, resulting in significant savings in fuel costs. Customers report savings of 8-12% in the first year.

Reduced ROB costs.
Repair, maintenance and tire (ROB) costs are reduced as improved driving behavior results in less wear and tear and damage to vehicles.

CO2 emission reduction
Through reduced fuel consumption, EasyDrive contributes to a demonstrable reduction in CO2 emissions, which is in line with sustainability initiatives.

Efficiency and coaching
The solution provides automated insights into fuel consumption and driving behavior, allowing companies to operate more efficiently. In addition, drivers can be positively coached to improve their driving habits.

Fewer claims settlements
Improved driving behavior results in fewer accidents and claims, leading to lower costs and increased operational efficiency.

Instant feedback
EasyDrive Plus provides instant feedback to drivers via on-board computer scores, allowing them to adjust their driving style.

EasyDrive is positioned as a Lean & Green Solution, meaning it contributes to sustainable transportation and environmental sustainability.

Installation and maintenance
Rietveld provides installation and maintenance of EasyDrive, possibly in combination with other vehicle management solutions.

Rietveld a reliable partner 
Rietveld, as a supplier of vehicle management and safety since 1994, offers personal service from advice to installation and maintenance.

EasyDrive is suitable for these vehicles and machines:

Truck- Concrete truck - Dump truck - Asphalt paver - Van - Fire truck - Garbage truck - Touring car - Army Vehicles - Motorhome - Passenger car

Conclusion | EasyDrive for optimizing driver behavior to save fuel costs, reduce damages, and reduce CO2 emissions.

All in all, EasyDrive is a valuable tool for different types of vehicles, including trucks, coaches, vans, and more. It not only offers companies cost savings, but also contributes to environmental goals and improved operational efficiency. Customers confirm the benefits of EasyDrive as a reliable solution for driving style analysis and fuel savings.

Would you like additional advice on fuel reduction and driving style analysis? 

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