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Tachograph - Automatic downloads in the cloud with EasyTacho

How Easy would it be if you solved these issues?
  • No more administrative hassle by manually reading and archiving data.
  • No more accidentally forgetting to read out tachographs.
  • Saving time by no longer reading tachographs manually.
  • No more having to make plans to retrieve trucks and drivers.
  • Avoid fines of up to thousands of euros due to incorrect or incomplete tachograph data.

You can achieve all this with Rietveld's EasyTacho.

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Automatic compliance with the European driving hours law with EasyTacho

EasyTacho makes it possible to read the digital tachograph remotely. It is an ideal solution for larger transport organizations with extensive fleets, as well as for small transport companies and charters where it is time-consuming to retrieve drivers and trucks for manual downloads.

EasyTacho offers the following benefits:

Efficiency and time savings:
Automatic reading and archiving of tachograph data eliminates manual administrative tasks. This not only saves you time, but also money by avoiding the costs associated with retrieving vehicles and drivers for manual downloads.

Real-time insight:
Transportation planners have real-time access to all drivers' driving and rest periods in the back office. This enables more efficient planning and helps prevent violations.

Automatic downloads:
EasyTacho performs automatic downloads of both tachograph and driver cards. This ensures that the data is always up-to-date and the legally required archiving of at least 24 months is met.

Clear dashboard:
The solution provides a clear dashboard showing tacho status and any violations. It also shows the current position and driving time budget of drivers and vehicles. Impending violations are automatically reported, allowing quick action to be taken.

Management reports:
EasyTacho provides detailed reports on violations, such as driving too long, breaks too short, and failure to comply with weekend rest. This helps in holding drivers accountable and preventing recurrence.

Communication and coaching:
Demonstrable data supports effective communication and coaching with drivers to improve driving behavior.

European driving hours law compliance:
EasyTacho ensures that as a transport organization you comply with the European Driving Hours Act, preventing legal complications and fines. Information Government Driving and rest times The Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILenT) is responsible for enforcing driving and rest times. You can also go here with questions or to make a report. Information Government ILT Inspection Environment and Transport. More information on (digital) compliance monitoring. Click here.

Cost savings:
Automating the reading process saves a lot of time, and time is money. By preventing violations and fines, EasyTacho results in cost savings. 

Integration with Efficio on-board computer:
Integration with Rietveld's Efficio on-board computer provides a seamless and comprehensive solution for efficient vehicle management.

Reliable partner:
Rietveld, as a supplier of vehicle management and safety since 1994, offers personal service from advice to installation and maintenance.

Conclusion | EasyTacho for automatic tachograph reading.

With EasyTacho you can easily and automatically read out the digital tachograph and driver cards of your entire fleet remotely. At any time, you can download this data via the Internet. This does not require the driver to perform any actions or interrupt his trip. The readout can be done while driving. This way you always comply with the European legislation on driving hours.

Would you like additional explanations about EasyTacho and the automatic reading of your tachographs?

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