EasyDrive – Drive Lean, Drive Green, Drive Safe

The developments in the telematics industry are extremely fast. Whether it’s tracking and tracing or a fully integrated on-board computer: processes are to get faster and more efficient. Over the past few years, we have deepened and further developed all the possibilities within fleet management.

In addition, we have an extensive expertise in the field of fuel management. We are convinced that much can be saved by proactively promoting good driving habits and the monitoring of fuel consumption. Of course, we have all the necessary experience and knowledge to guarantee a successful installation and delivery of our solutions.

Rietveld International is a specialist in the area of fleet management and fuel management and with EasyDrive, we offer you the link you need to manage your fleet at optimum.

Depending on your organisation’s objectives, EasyDrive has the versatility to support you in various areas:

EasyDrive ultimately offers you the possibility to actually measure all set objectives and KPIs so you can make adjustments and achieve higher output.