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Fleetmanagement and much more with EasyTrack telematics software

How Easy would it be if you solved these issues?
  • No more manual processing of daily statements, kilometre records, trip lists.
  • No insight into routes driven by your vehicles or where your vehicles and objects are.
  • No idea which locations have been visited and the hours driven by your drivers.
  • AVG-proof your administration. 
  • Not being able to call your drivers to account for their driving behaviour because you have no proof and therefore use too much fuel. 
  • Being able to demonstrably reduce damage and CO2 emissions.
  • Being able to quickly schedule an extra trip.
  • Having one system to which virtually everything is connected.

Easily arranged with Rietveld's EasyTrack.


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Efficio is a mobile and versatile on-board compute

The Efficio on-board computer for Android can be used both inside and outside the vehicle, for example for digital proof of delivery applications. Thanks to its robust design, the Efficio is a perfect on-board computer for drivers to communicate interactively and live with the back office on location.

Rietveld is the expert in automation of administrative processes in the transport and coach industry. With the Efficio Coach on-board computer, which works perfectly with Trip Software and other systems, manual processing of trip assignments is a thing of the past.

The Efficio on-board computer offers the following benefits:

Work efficiently and save time:

Efficio is an all-in-one system that supports both drivers and back-office staff. With automated order processing, recording of start and end times and activity accounting, working and communicating becomes more efficient, saving valuable time.

Key features

  • User-friendly operation and robust design for effortless use by any driver.
  • Easy messaging via the Efficio on-board computer, providing more peace of mind for planners and less phone traffic.
  • Ability to scan documents such as signed bills of lading and CMRs directly on site and send them to the back office for fast invoicing.
  • Built-in photo camera function that allows drivers to take photos of defects, documents or damages and send them directly to the back office for further processing.
  • User-friendly operation and navigation with traffic information, point of interest, ETA and lane guidance. The vehicle profile also takes into account specific restrictions such as height, weight and width.

Installation, maintenance and development
Rietveld provides installation, maintenance and development of Efficio on-board computers in combination with other vehicle management solutions.

Rietveld, a reliable partner 
Rietveld has been the #1 supplier in vehicle management and safety for SMEs and the government since 1994. Personal service from initial advice to installation.

The Efficio on-board computer can be expanded with:
  • EasyView: Camera systems and video telematics solutions. Ideal as blind spot camera solution and direct damage control. 
  • EasyDrive: Driving style assistant and driving style analysis of drivers ideal for coaching. This provides direct significant reduction in fuel consumption, damages and CO2 emissions. 
  • EasyTacho: Tachograph management for all legally required, automatic downloads
  • EasyHours: Hours management and automatic remuneration according to the collective bargaining agreement 
  • EasyTemp: Real-time temperature monitoring of your freight.
  • External applications: Thanks to the Android based operating system, external Android apps (third party app) can be installed, such as: e-mail, office client or Transfollow. 
  • GreenFlow for Trucks: Heavy freight traffic can flow better when approaching a traffic light. A simple app on the Efficio enables contact with the traffic control device (iVRI). This not only results in less fuel consumption and fewer emissions but also less noise pollution, less wear and tear on the asphalt, brakes and it is more pleasant driving for the driver.
  • EasyAlarm: Wireless parking camera and reversing camera for greater insight into traffic conditions offer traffic safety and reduced damages. 
  • EasyAsset: Real-time insight into exact locations of objects and materials. 
  • TPMS tire pressure: With the TPMS application you receive automatic alarms when the tire pressure is too low and when the tire temperature is too high. 
  • TransFollow | e-CMR via on-board computer: This application can be fully integrated with the Efficio on-board computer with full e-CMR protocol. This allows you to keep a complete overview of the freight traffic and to quickly communicate with your customers.
In addition to EasyManagement, Rietveld also offers EasySafety products.
  • EasyClimate - Standard air conditioners and parking heaters for the ideal temperature
  • EasyLights - Durable work lamps for working safely in the dark.
  • EasyDetect - Detection equipment for warning obstacles and persons
The Efficio on-board computer works together with TMS software suppliers

You can save on order management through efficient interfacing with your TMS system. No more hassle with paper trip lists, but seamless integration with the Efficio on-board computer. Instant feedback on status and order information ensures clear planning and fast administrative processing. Click here to see which TMS systems we have already integrated.

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Conclusion | With the Efficio on-board computer, you save an enormous amount of time and money which increases your efficiency and sustainability

The Efficio on-board computer is a complete solution for transport and coach companies. With its mobility, versatility and wide range of functions, the system offers everything you need to optimize and grow your transport and/or haulage business.

Do you work with trucks or coaches and want additional advice?

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