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Fleetmanagement and much more with EasyTrack telematics software

EasyTrack solves all this for you:
  • Automatic processing of daily statements, kilometre records, trip lists.
  • Insight into the driven routes of your vehicles.
  • Track & Trace: Real-time insight into where your vehicles are and be able to schedule additional trips quickly.
  • Precise information on which locations have already been visited and the hours driven by your drivers.
  • Tax-efficient administration.
  • Your drivers/operators can be held accountable for their driving or working behaviour because you can substantiate their activities.
  • Save on fuel consumption
  • Demonstrably reduce damage and CO2 emissions.
  • Measure virtually all activities of your machines.
  • Have one system to which virtually everything is connected.

You can achieve all this and much more with EasyTrack

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EasyTrack, applicable for all types of transport, machines and objects

EasyTrack is an online cloud environment that Rietveld develops and maintains in-house for fleet management operations.
In the online environment, you can easily switch between the map with the locations of your vehicles/machines, communication with your drivers/machinists, open and completed tasks and the reporting environment. All regulations and requirements of the tax authorities are automatically processed in the software; think, for example, of a balanced mileage administration.

Discover all the advantages of EasyTrack:

Work efficiently and save time
EasyTrack is an online environment in which you switch between the map with the locations of your vehicles, communication with your drivers, open and completed tasks and the reporting environment, among other things. Easily realise fully automated administration and invoicing and gain insight into locations of your vehicles, equipment and your drivers.

Targeted, user-friendly, clear and intuitive
EasyTrack was designed with purpose and user-friendliness in mind. The web-based software is clear and intuitive to use, so you can get started right away. Moreover, EasyTrack has no limitation in the number of connected units.

Modular and scalable
Thanks to EasyTrack's modular set-up, you can easily integrate tracking and tracing, but also create links to on-board computers, cameras with video telematics, perform driving style analyses, take temperature measurements and apply tachograph management. Whatever your needs, EasyTrack can grow with them. In addition, the software is suitable for both desktops and smartphones.

With EasyTrack, you can save costs in several areas, especially on labour and fuel costs. Thanks to efficiently planned trips, fuel consumption is reduced. Moreover, the automated administration ensures that less time needs to be spent on administrative tasks and you realise accurate hour and expense calculations so you do not pay too little or too much, and clear reports provide insight into possible cost savings.

EasyTrack contributes to sustainable enterprise. Efficient trip planning and the ability to have direct insight into the locations of vehicles, equipment and drivers can reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions. Moreover, EasyTrack helps prevent damages through real-time monitoring.

Tax authority and AVG proof
With EasyTrack, you can rest assured that you meet the guidelines of the Tax and Customs Administration and the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). Your data is safe and handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Installation, maintenance and development:
You can rely on Rietveld for installation, maintenance and development. We provide these services in-house, so you can use EasyTrack worry-free. 

Rietveld, a reliable partner 
Rietveld has been the #1 supplier in vehicle management and safety for SMEs and the government since 1994. Personal service from initial consultation through to installation.

EasyTrack is e.g. suitable for these vehicles and machines:

Asphalt paver - Van - Concrete lorry - Fire truck - Bulldozer - Camper - Combine - Dump truck - Excavator - Earth mover - Forklift - Reach trucks - Cranes - Transfer crane - Passenger car - Skid steer loader - Wheel loader - Touring car - Tractor - Sweeper - Telehandler - Truck - Garbage truck

Conclusion | With EasyTrack, you have a comprehensive solution for all your fleet management work

This versatile telematics solution is applicable across a wide range of industries, vehicles, machines and equipment. With EasyTrack, users can work efficiently and save time, thanks to automated administration, insight into vehicle locations and a clear interface.

Do you have a fleet to manage and would you like personal advice?

Quite understandable, because so much is possible. Together, we come up with an ideal solution for your personal requirements. That is Rietveld's strength. Customisation, personal attention, short lines of communication and always the Easy Mindset.

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