Jonker Transport Veendam works even more flexibly thanks to Efficio on-board computer

Jonker Transport from Veendam had been working with Rietveld's Efficio on-board computer for several years, but noticed it was time for an improvement. By switching to the Efficio3 on-board computer, they created a tailor-made system that works modernly and efficiently and allows them to work even more flexibly. Transport planner and part-time driver for the company, Robbert Pots tells us how Jonker Transport used the Efficio3 on-board computer and systems from Rietveld to speed up and improve work processes.

"Rietveld's systems give us flexibility and the chance to focus on the real work," he says.

"Several years ago, we started using EasyTrack and one of the first Efficio on-board computer models.  explains Robbert. 'We really liked that one, the various functions such as messaging, vehicle tracking and sending orders made our work a lot easier. To take it a step further, we have now switched to the Efficio3, with which we can also send photos (among other things), the screen is larger and, of course, it is again a lot faster. Since a year ago, we have also added EasyTacho, to record our tachograph data automatically and completely, so that we always have the correct data available.

Time entries directly on the on-board computer

Jonker Transport is also in the process of introducing EasyWatch, which enables remuneration based on registered hours and activities from the on-board computer. 'That is a bit of a switch for our drivers, because they now have to do 100% everything with the onboard computer,' Robbert explains. That is why we guide them in this, because it is important that they register everything properly, especially if we will soon start paying via EasyWatch based on the data from the on-board computer. Of course, this will also save them time, because they will be rid of the paper weekly statements.

More digital and less administration

According to Robbert, that is the big advantage of Rietveld's solutions, because everything is digital and you always know where the vehicles are, no time is lost with unnecessary appending for questions like; 'What time are you at destination?' or 'Which driver is closest and has time for an urgent job?' Whereas now everything is instantly visible in EasyTrack and therefore there can be much more focus on the work itself. Photos also arrive digitally via the on-board computer instantly. Drivers also send signed notes of lading directly, and customers have a copy of these documents even before they are physically present in the office.  'This allows us to make even better use of our time.' concludes Robbert.

Maintaining small scale and flexibility

'As a small-scale family business, where everyone helps each other, Jonker Transport has remained very ordinary. Because you are small and not tied to all kinds of rules and procedures, you are much more flexible and can arrange something last-minute more quickly. Our customers appreciate that,' says Robbert. That is one of the reasons why we have built up such a regular customer base in recent years. Rietveld's systems help us realise this for our customers on a daily basis and are therefore indispensable.'

"By digitising with the Efficio3 on-board computer, we work much more flexibly and efficiently!"


Rietveld thinks along with us

Rietveld is a fine company that always thinks along with us on issues. 'Pure contact with Rietveld is good and the helpdesk also works super.'  says Robbert. 'Recently, for instance, following a consultation with our drivers, we had a number of points for improvement for the question path in the on-board computer. We clarified this and passed it on to Rietveld, and a day later the adjustments had already been made to the on-board computer. That's just great that Rietveld can just do that. Soon we will start using Transpas TMS system, which Rietveld is already working with and can connect the systems to. That's great because then all systems will communicate directly with each other and we will be able to send trip locations and tasks for the drivers directly from the TMS package, which will then also appear directly in EasyTrack and the on-board computer. This allows us to work even more efficiently and avoids unnecessary duplication of effort.'


About Jonker Transport Veendam

About Jonker Transport Jonker Transport Veendam distinguishes itself from other companies by providing small-scale but high-quality services. With some 22 trucks along the way, they focused mainly on the steel industry, such as transporting sheets or rolls of steel. They also transport many plants for tree nurseries. Jonker Transport once started in Wildervank in 1934; they have always been a family business and proud of it. 'You don't have to be a superpower to stand out above something.'

Based in: Veendam
Number of vehicles: 22
Established in: 1934