Van Meijel Automatisering - Specialist in automation for the construction industry

Construction is complex. The better construction companies are able to deal with it, the more successful they will be. This is what Van Meijel Automatisering has been helping builders with on a daily basis for 30 years.

From their "build-can-simplify" belief, Van Meijel wants clients to be more successful. They offer software and services aimed exclusively at construction and related industrial services. By delivering more efficient and higher-quality processes, they help construction companies build better and run less risk.

As specialists in automation for infra, construction and related industries, Van Meijel understands the unique challenges these companies face. Their expertise allows them to offer solutions specifically tailored to the needs of these sectors.

One of the advantages of Van Meijel's software is its ability to integrate data from Rietveld's Easy products. This gives users access to even more valuable information and ensures seamless cooperation between different systems.

With Van Meijel Automation, construction companies can optimise their processes and work more efficiently. This results in cost savings, higher productivity and improved quality. By striving for simplicity in the complex world of construction, Van Meijel helps clients to be more successful.


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