Idee101: The software company from the North that makes your work easy!

At Idee101, they believe in user-friendly and simple online applications for SMEs and the government. The web applications enable thousands of people to enjoy doing their work every day.

Simplicity is the core value reflected in all their products as well as in the company. We strive for simple language, transparent services and clear communication. Idee101 is all about ease and clarity.

That fits in with Rietveld's Easy mindset. 

With the data from Rietvels' systems, Idee 101 can simplify your work process and make it more efficient. With the user-friendly software, you can automate tasks, manage information centrally and improve collaboration with colleagues.

Whether you are a small business owner in need of a simple invoicing programme or a government agency looking for a secure and efficient document management system, Idee101 has the solution for you


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