MendriX: Efficiency and Professionalism in the Logistics Sector 

MendriX is a leading specialist in the logistics sector. Together with the cloud-based data from Rietveld's Efficio on-board computer and EasyTrack and Mendrix's software, we help companies execute logistics processes more efficiently, get finances in order and provide customers and employees with relevant information at the right time.

Swijnenburg Transport: A Success Story with Rietveld and MendriX

An impressive example of the impact of MendriX software can be seen at Swijnenburg Transport. In just two years, they managed to double their number of home deliveries, from more than 10,000 to over 20,000 a year. According to owners Henk and Janica Swijnenburg, this growth would not have been possible without Rietveld's on-board computers and MendriX's TMS software.

The cooperation between Rietveld and MendriX allowed Swijnenburg Transport to professionalise their services. These advanced technologies allowed them not only to optimise their delivery process, but also to gain better insight into their finances and share relevant information with both customers and employees in a timely manner.

Swijnenburg Transport's success story is just one example of the many companies that have benefited from MendriX's powerful and user-friendly software solutions in partnership with Rietveld.

With the innovative technologies, we are constantly striving to improve logistics processes and deliver high-quality services to our customers.



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