ITK Share - Innovative total solution for transport companies

Everything has to be faster, cheaper, better and we have to comply with complex laws and regulations!

Your company in the transport industry is no exception. Competition does not stand still, customers are becoming increasingly choosy and training your drivers is also a challenge. ITK Share understands the challenges you face.

In recent years, they have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the transport industry. They have incorporated all this knowledge into the ITKShare solution to make your work easier. 

ITKShare's software works together with Rietveld's EasyTrack and Efficio on-board computer data. That's Easy! It saves you a lot of time and makes processes transparent!  


Reference story - Collaboration between ITKShare, Rietveld and Hurkmans transport

Hurkmans Transport B.V. is an international transport company specialising in the transport of bulk and dry bulk goods. Hurkmans' vision is; "Safely on the way to a healthy future ."

This is propagated by considering the benefits for people and the environment in all decisions within the company. A paperless administration fits this vision and therefore Hurkmans Transport in Someren has decided to switch to TransFollow's E-CMR, which will be integrated with ITKShare's TMS system.

Prior to the final decision, the parties involved, Beurtvaartadres, ITKShare and Rietveld, carefully coordinated the options with each other, as the various systems obviously need to integrate seamlessly. The Efficio3 on-board computer fits in perfectly, as this mobile on-board computer can be used both inside and outside the vehicle, which in turn is essential for the E-CMR signing process.  From ITKShare, a journey order with TransFollow ID is generated and sent to the Efficio3 on-board computer, allowing the driver to retrieve the corresponding E-CMR directly from the journey order, fill it in and then complete the signing process. After completing the journey order on Rietveld's on-board computer, the data is sent directly to ITKShare's TMS for further processing in the administrative processes.



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