Mitoz: the flexible system for the logistics sector from I-teQ

I-teQ has been a supplier of software systems for both the logistics and rental sector for twenty years. With their software, Mitoz, I-teQ offers a flexible and advanced software system that perfectly suits the needs of companies in the logistics sector.

Mitoz was developed with efficiency and ease of use in mind. It allows companies to integrate all relevant data from Rietveld's EasyTrack and Efficio on-board computers into one central system. This saves time and reduces errors as information is automatically synchronised and available in real-time.

Tailored flexibility

One of the major advantages of Mitoz is the flexibility it offers to companies in the logistics sector. The system can be fully customised to specific business processes, giving users only the functionalities and modules they actually need. This makes Mitoz a cost-effective solution that adapts to business growth and changes.

Better decision-making with real-time data

Thanks to the integration of Rietveld's EasyTrack and Efficio on-board computer into Mitoz, users always have access to real-time data. This enables companies to make faster and more informed decisions. Whether optimising routes, managing stock levels or monitoring driver performance, Mitoz provides the data needed to ensure successful logistics operations.

Mito does things differently

Mito is for the forward-thinkers. For logistics companies with a clear long-term vision. The innovators. Who see opportunities and want to seize them. Who stand out in the market.

When you have different ideas from 'the industry standard', that includes a software system that automates and digitises all unique business processes. No concessions. No limitations. So that your business can continue to grow. Exactly as you envisage.

So with Mitoz, companies can continuously optimise their operational efficiency, leading to higher customer satisfaction. By gaining real-time insight into all relevant processes, companies can react quickly to changes and address any problems proactively. This results in faster deliveries, better service quality and ultimately happier customers.


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