Erniesoft: Efficient and flexible transport management
with e-Lips TMS

With e-Lips TMS, Erniesoft offers an excellent solution for controlling on-board computers, such as those of Rietveld. With this advanced Transport Management System, tasks and messages can be sent effortlessly to the on-board computer, making the transport process even more efficient.

e-Lips TMS is a highly flexible and intuitive system that enables planners to receive and process transport orders digitally. All required information, including e-mails and PDF documents, is immediately available to the planner, resulting in streamlined planning.

Thanks to seamless integration with Rietveld's Efficio on-board computer, scheduling trips and tasks is a piece of cake for drivers. The TMS ensures that all relevant data is readily available, allowing planners to act quickly and accurately.

With e-Lips TMS, you not only benefit from efficiency, but also flexibility. The system can be adapted to your specific needs, giving you control over your tailor-made transport processes. Whether you operate in logistics, distribution or other forms of transport, e-Lips TMS provides the tools you need to be successful.

In short, with Erniesoft and the e-Lips TMS in conjunction with Rietveld's Efficio on-board computer, you get a powerful and user-friendly solution for efficiently managing your transport activities. Save time, increase your productivity and optimise your planning with this advanced Transport Management System.

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