EasyTrip: The ideal transport software for container carriers

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable transport software for container transport? Look no further, because EasyTrip is exactly what you need!

The close collaboration between Rietveld and EasyTrip has created a perfect link between the EasyTrack system and our Efficio on-board computers.

The EasyTrip system works seamlessly with the EasyTrack system, automatically sending all journey assignments to the on-board computer or the Efficio SmartApp. This saves you as a container carrier a lot of time and effort. Moreover, completed orders, including important additional information such as container or seal numbers, can be processed directly from the on-board computer in EasyTrip.

With EasyTrip, you never have to manually type data or wait for paper documents again. Everything is recorded electronically and synchronised directly between the various systems. This ensures flawless communication between your office staff, drivers and customers.


The advantages of EasyTrip:


  • Efficiency: Thanks to automatic linking between systems, no valuable time is lost on manual data entry.
  • Reliability: With EasyTrip, you can always rely on correct and up-to-date information, both in the office and on the road.
  • Convenience: All important data is automatically recorded and synchronised, leaving you free to focus on other important tasks.


EasyTrip is the ideal choice for container carriers who value efficiency, reliability and convenience. Perfect integration with EasyTrack and Efficio on-board computers takes your transport process to the next level.

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