Work lamps - your visibility in all situations

Work lamps - your visibility in all situations

Worklighting - ideal for working at any time of day

Do you and your colleagues know the problem when construction projects need to be completed and the lighting conditions do not cooperate? A lack of light while working often leads to:

  • Eye strain.
  • Lower productivity.
  • Increased error rate.

Our work lighting offers a solution! With our products, you can achieve ideal working results while significantly improving your working environment!

Work easily anytime, anywhere - with our work lights

As an exclusive partner of Nordic Lights, Rietveld offers a wide range of work lights specifically designed to provide optimal lighting for modern working environments at any time of day. Whether in industrial, construction or agricultural activities, adequate lighting is not only a recommendation, it is also what enables optimal compliance with current safety standards. Work lamps from Nordic Lights are known for their core function: They provide bright, directional light that enables precise and efficient work at all times. At Rietveld, we not only offer our customers suitable lamps, but also ideal complements to their work equipment in other sectors - for example, with our fleet management software or our radar systems.

Our EasyLights work lights in detail - these are your benefits

The pleasant white light of our LED work lights reduces eye fatigue and therefore improves employees' well-being and efficiency. In contrast to conventional amber light, which can cause fatigue, the bright, white light provides optimum visibility, significantly increasing safety, especially when working in the dark or in poor weather conditions.

Thanks to tailor-made solutions for every situation, with voltage variants from 12 V to 80 V and avoidance of radio interference, our work lights guarantee maximum flexibility and adaptability to the respective requirements. Whether in agriculture, as work lamps for tractors or in construction for bulldozers and other motor vehicles - these lamps offer you optimal support. The durability and 5-year warranty of Nordic Lights work lights minimise maintenance and replacement costs. Moreover, with our EasyLights work lamps you can rely on a partner that will be by your side for years without any problems, making them a sustainable investment.

With you and for you - when EasyLights can help you

Rietveld is proud to help you in different sectors through its cooperation with Nordic Lights. For example, we offer you

  • Safety solutions for the agricultural sector.
  • Vehicle management for construction companies.
  • Support for security and emergency services.

So if you want to focus on increased workplace safety in your industry, choose to buy your work lighting from us!

Safety and efficiency - order today!

Working safely with our work lighting means investing in the quality and efficiency of work processes. Rietveld understands the importance of good lighting and therefore offers solutions specifically tailored to the problems of the modern workplace. Using our EasyLights products not only improves workplace safety, but also increases employee well-being and productivity. Start optimising your workplace with the right tools now by purchasing high-quality work lighting to support you and your projects. Order work lighting in our webshop and experience the difference that optimal lighting can make to your work!

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