Tracing objects: knowing for sure where your tools are

Tracing objects: knowing for sure where your tools are

Tracking objects: So that everything has its safe place

If you coordinate a large project or run a business, you know how important it is to keep an overview. Especially with expensive and necessary equipment, chaos can quickly ensue if it cannot be located quickly or safely. How easy it would be if you could ensure the following with proper asset tracking: 

  • Accurate knowledge of the locations of your equipment
  • Minimal costs due to reduced expenses after loss
  • Reliable tracking of your equipment
  • Less theft of your assets

With our EasyAsset trackers, you can do exactly that and more! Make your work easy and above all more efficient with our practical helpers!

Securing your tools with GPS tracker: why object tracking is so important

With Rietveld, you have a partner who will make your work processes sustainable and easy in the long term. This includes a certain degree of safety and precision, which is why we equip your company with tools that make your daily life a lot easier. Besides LED work lights and radar systems, object tracking is an important element here. 

With our systems and trackers, you can accurately locate your valuable equipment and keep control of your assets wherever they are. Whether they are lost or stolen: With Rietveld's object tracking, you can always keep an eye on your equipment!

The particularly reliable GPS trackers for construction machinery and tools from Rietveld

The vehicle GPS tracker from Rietveld offers you a modern solution for tracking your construction machinery and tools. 
The Sigfox IoT network is leading the way in this regard. This accurate and modern system offers you a seamless and cost-effective connection that enables accurate localisation, even in remote areas.

With this GPS tracking for automotive devices, you can also track and locate your machines in real time, so you are never in doubt about their location. This type of object tracking is made possible by extensive network coverage across Europe. This is why Rietveld's Easy products are invaluable to many customers! 

In addition, installation of the trackers is extremely simple and fast. This ensures the safety of your assets faster and also allows you to get back to work faster. The fact that no external power supply is required also makes these trackers particularly low-maintenance and user-friendly.

How object tracking helps daily in many areas

Besides driving style analysis programmes or fleet management software, many companies also own large and/or expensive physical equipment such as vehicles and machinery. These may be scattered over a large area, used at night or, unfortunately, sometimes stolen. This is why customers from all kinds of industries benefit from the accurate, reliable asset tracking of our EasyAsset systems:

  • Transport
  • Construction companies
  • Civil engineering
  • Security and rescue services
  • Bus and passenger transport
  • Agriculture

Contact our product specialist and get easy system tracking!

Invest in the safety and efficiency of your business with EasyAsset Asset Tracking! Always know exactly where your valuable vehicles and machinery are - easily with Rietveld's help!

With our asset tracking, you not only minimise the risk of loss and theft, but you can also optimise the long-term use and management of your assets. Everything runs much faster and more productively on site. Contact our product specialist and find your modern and simple solution today!

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