Radar systems that detect obstacles quickly and easily

Radar systems that detect obstacles quickly and easily

Radar systems: Fast and easy detection of obstacles

Vehicles can be used in many areas and transport anything you can think of, from people to goods. However, accidents can happen quickly. Wouldn't it be better if you could easily avoid the following problems?

  • Overlooked objects and obstacles
  • Damage to the vehicle
  • Damage to a person
  • Problems with insurers

Rietveld's EasyDetect radar systems make this possible and your working environment a lot safer!

A safe environment thanks to parking sensors

Anyone who has ever worked in logistics, car parks or construction sites knows that space is not always unlimited. Also, the environment is dynamic and many objects can be seen as potential obstacles.

This is why Rietveld extends your security measures far beyond conventional means and offers you our state-of-the-art radar systems! The specialised sensors are indispensable for vehicles driving in tight or crowded areas.

Our radar systems detect not only static but also moving objects, effectively preventing collisions - with other equipment or even people. In this way, they help your drivers manoeuvre safely, reliably and easily and avoid damage!

Your benefits with Rietveld hindrance detection

In addition to driving style analysis and fleet management software, our obstacle detection systems offer a host of benefits that go far beyond collision avoidance. 

For one thing, our radar systems increase driving comfort. By minimising the risk of unexpected collisions, your drivers can also relax and focus better on their work. 

These systems can also be adapted to the specific requirements of your fleet. Create a more efficient and safer working environment with our reliable radar systems.

The audible and visual warning signals effectively alert you to potential dangers. This way, you will be alerted in a variety of ways and you won't miss a thing. Moreover, the installation of these radar systems is extremely simple and can be implemented in a wide range of vehicle types.

Our reverse sensor is appreciated by many!

From driving style analyses to fleet management software, at Rietveld you will find many tools that have long helped our customers in many industries. But our ultrasonic sensor is also highly regarded in many industries, as it makes reliable and accurate reverse parking particularly easy. This significantly increases safety, for example in: 

  • Transport
  • Construction companies
  • Security and rescue services
  • Last-mile delivery services 
  • Internal transport 

Retrofitting parking sensors? Only with Rietveld's convenient products!

Visit our webshop and invest in Rietveld's EasyDetect systems! With us as your partner, you get long-term and sustainable support for your business, your fleet and much more! Our radar systems not only offer an immediate improvement in safety, but also increase efficiency in daily operations - even if you retrofit our radar systems. 

Safety and precision are now also simple and sustainable with radar systems from Rietveld at your side!

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