MAF believes that all people should be reached

When every second counts
People count on crazy in a disaster, epidemic or medical emergency. Often the roads are bad and impassable in the rainy season, making it necessary to fly crazy. Villages are far apart or there are no roads because of mountains or jungle. MAF flies over this. In addition, a 9-hour car journey is equivalent to a 45-minute flight with a MAF plane. The likelihood of attacks or robberies is also very high and makes road transport risky. For all these reasons, people choose MAF.

MAF believes that all people should be reached with God’s Love
As the largest non-profit airline company, MAF has the goal of helping everyone where aid and goods are difficult to obtain. MAF does this by air, roads and water. Help should be accessible to everyone and no one should be unreachable. That’s what MAF stands for.

MAF has aircraft that are deployed in 30 different countries where aid is provided to aid organizations. With aircraft, technology, communication and medical specialists, they make the inaccessible accessible and offer advice and support in areas where this is not self-evident.

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