LED work lights that turn night into day

LED work lights that turn night into day

LED work lamps: your light on dark days

Not all work ends in daylight. Especially in logistics and construction, shifts often take place at night and dark hours dominate, especially in winter. But it is also very easy to solve familiar problems:

  • Uncomfortable work lights that wear out quickly.
  • Poor visibility due to poor lighting.
  • Tired eyes.

With EasyLights and the premium products from our partner Nordic Lights, these problems are finally a thing of the past! Fast and efficient solutions that can only come from Finland!

Always keep everything in sight with our LED work lights

Rietveld is the proud exclusive partner of Nordic Lights, a Finnish company that makes high-quality LED work lights. The secret behind their huge success? 

Besides the remarkable durability and high performance of their LED work lamps, Nordic Light is characterised by its bright, clear light. Especially in Finland and other northern countries, it gets dark quickly and even longer than in Germany. No wonder, then, that they design LED work lamps especially for these challenges. With their powerful, directional lighting, they enable clear visibility and thus contribute to a safe working environment. This robust and reliable LED work lamp is especially appreciated in sectors such as construction, mining and rescue services. Nordic Lights' LED work lamps are also highly resistant to tough working conditions.

LED work lights from Nordic Lights that impress

Whether it's LED work lamps of 12V or more: at Rietveld you will always find the right equipment to make your work more efficient and safer!

The comfortable and bright light of our LED work lights reduces eye fatigue. Yellow light, usually used in floodlights, is more tiring than white light, which is why Nordic Lights uses it in a focused but soft way. This enables more efficient work. 

Still durable, these floodlights also come with a 5-year warranty. This speaks for the high quality and reliability you can expect from Rietveld and all our partners. 

Our LED work lights also impress with their easy installation. This means you can have your equipment ready for use quickly, making it easier to use in different working environments. 

Above or below ground: our LED work lights are appreciated in many places

Occupational safety is a multi-faceted aspect: whether you need an excellent radar system, reliable driving style analysis or proper object tracking, with Rietveld at your side, you get first-class help. Occupational safety also includes the right lighting. With Rietveld and Nordic Lights, you get powerful LED work lighting that is appreciated in various industries: 

  • Transport.
  • Open pit mining.
  • Construction.
  • Safety and rescue services.

Order your LED work lights today for clear, wide vision!

The right light not only makes it easier to find your equipment: It makes your entire working environment safer and therefore your workflow more structured. The LED work lights from our webshop stand for guaranteed performance and quality in any environment.

Find your LED work lights at Rietveld today and also benefit from the standards of our partner Nordic Lights! Safety and efficiency have never been easier than with our EasyLights!

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