Excavator work lights - safely moving forward on construction projects

Excavator work lights - safely moving forward on construction projects

Work lights for excavators - for safe working

You probably know - not every job ends when the sun goes down, but what happens when daylight disappears with the sun? Our work lights for your excavators offer a solution! Insufficient visibility can have a negative impact on projects in many ways. For example by

  • Increased risk of accidents.
  • Delays in work processes.
  • Increased worker fatigue.

You can solve these problems efficiently with our EasyLights products! Optimise the lighting of your construction site with our work lights for your excavators!

Always work with ease with our excavator work lights

Rietveld is the proud exclusive partner of Nordic Lights, a leading manufacturer of LED work lights especially for excavators and various other construction and agricultural machines. These high-quality work lights are an indispensable part of any modern construction site, as they ensure safety and efficiency. Thanks to their robust design and powerful LED technology, our work lights for excavators provide excellent illumination of essential working areas, ensuring trouble-free processes. Whether you work at night or in low visibility conditions - you always do well to use our work lights for excavators and other motor vehicles.

LED work lights for excavators - EasyLights for efficient work

The benefits of using high-quality LED work lights for excavators are numerous. First of all, visibility is significantly improved thanks to the adaptability of Nordic Lights' products, which maximises work safety on the construction site and also reliably minimises safety risks. For even more protection and prevention, our radar systems are also a useful addition to construction sites.

Our LED headlamps for excavators are also characterised by their durability and energy efficiency. These factors reduce operating costs while helping to protect the environment. You also get a 5-year warranty on your work lights from Nordic Lights.

Moreover, these work lights for excavators allow you to work more efficiently, as the improved visibility allows night and shift work without losing productivity. In short, the excavator LED floodlights from Nordic Lights in our shop are an excellent investment in the safety and efficiency of your construction site lighting.

We offer support where help is needed

Rietveld works with a wide range of partners and suppliers and is therefore able to support different industries - such as safety and rescue services. Our work lights for excavators offer ideal support in:

  • Road construction.
  • Construction.
  • Landscaping.
  • Mining.

Never stand in the dark again with our work lights for your excavators

Working with the right work lights for excavators - like the Nordic Lights products from our webshop - not only makes construction sites safer, but also makes work processes more structured. Modern LED technologies offer excellent light quality and ensure precise and safe working methods in a variety of situations. By investing in these high-quality work lights for excavators, you not only ensure the health and safety of your employees, but also optimise your work processes. Order your excavator work lights in our web shop today and light up your construction site with the best technology available!

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