Driving style analysis for safety and sustainability

Driving style analysis for safety and sustainability

Driving style analysis: for more sustainable and safer driving

Anyone who is on the road a lot or delivers to customers is familiar with the eternal cycle of fuel prices and consumption and regular vehicle repairs. But imagine if you could minimise the following problems:

  • Excessive CO2 emissions.
  • High vehicle costs due to intensive maintenance.
  • Risky driving behaviour.

With our EasyDrive products, this and much more is possible. Optimise your logistics and driving safety sustainably and efficiently!

Always look for the best drivers and make sure they come on board with a good driver rating!

Whether in cars, trucks, vans or rubbish trucks, drivers are the backbone of many businesses and must always be focused and giving their best. It is essential that every driver gets an accurate assessment that can evaluate and optimise their driving behaviour.

With Rietveld's driving style analysis, you get exactly this comprehensive assessment. Together with other services and products such as our LED work lights and radar systems, we guarantee increased productivity and safety in your daily operations.

Our analysis measures parameters such as speeding, abrupt braking and unnecessary acceleration to objectively assess driving style. With these and other core functions of our EasyDrive products, you can identify improvement potential in your operation faster and reduce your fuel consumption sustainably - whether in agriculture, construction or passenger transport!

Fuel savings and more with Rietveld

With Rietveld's driving style analysis, you can not only significantly reduce your fuel costs by recognising the CAN bus data: You can also optimise your overall vehicle use.

Another advantage of Rietveld's driving style analysis is the targeted coaching and training of drivers by our EasyDrive. In the long run, the assessments lead to a sustainable improvement in their driving behaviour, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions and has a positive impact on the environment.

Driving style analysis also helps to reduce damage. Risky behaviour is identified at an early stage and can therefore be targeted. Our Easy product also helps to reduce alertness - after all, fewer accidents means safer and more productive daily work!

With immediate feedback, you can also quickly see the results and quickly implement measures for safer and more cost-efficient fleet management. Rietveld's analysis tool is therefore the key to reducing total cost of ownership and promoting greener and safer driving behaviour.

A driving analysis for many cases

The increased safety, efficiency and sustainability made possible by our driving style analysis benefits many industries. With Rietveld, you have a flexible partner on your side offering solutions for many industries:

  • Transport industry.
  • Last mile drivers.
  • Construction companies.
  • Bus and passenger transport.
  • Agriculture.

Order your driving analysis today - everything is easy with our EasyDrive!

Invest in Rietveld and our EasyDrive products and you get high quality and efficiency, as well as safety and reliability. After all, driving should run smoothly at any time of day and anywhere, which is why our driving style analysis is essential for anyone who wants to increase their awareness. With a clear overview of your fuel consumption and how to reduce it in the long term, you can manage your fleet in the best possible way.

Feel the difference a professional driving style analysis can make in your business and contact our product specialist!

Transform your fleet easily with EasyDrive!

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