Finland's Nordic Lights has been designing and manufacturing work lamps since 1992. The lamps are widely praised for their top quality and long life.

Not for nothing is Nordic Lights the number one choice for manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Volvo, John Deere, Konecranes and Jungheinrich. But what makes these work lights so good?

In the videos below, take a quick look at what to expect when we talk about 'Heavy Duty' work lights.

Lights for Heavy Dut

It's not just any old light that Nordic Lights makes. In fact, every work lamp is produced in their own factory in Finland and only the best parts are used during assembly. As a result, the lamps can withstand the toughest conditions. They are not 'Lights for Heavy Duty' for nothing!

Curious about Nordic Lights' work lights?

Testing, testing and more testing

Before a new type of work lamp is added to the Nordic Lights product range, it must pass a large number of intensive tests:

Shock and vibration resistance.

For 9 hours, the lamp is exposed to shock and vibration up to a force of 60G.

Dust resistance

To ensure that no dust particles fly into the lamp, the lamp is placed in a room with flying dust for 3 hours.


To test whether the work lamp is fully waterproof, the lamp is immersed in a bath for two hours while it is on. Then the lamp is allowed to rotate while water is sprayed on it with a high-pressure sprayer.

Salt resistance

The work lamp is sprayed with brine for as much as 240 hours.

Temperature changes

In a special chamber, the lamp is exposed to rapid temperature changes from -40°C to +85°C. This cycle is repeated 20 times.

Electromagnetic compatibility

The lamp is exposed to severe voltage spikes and drops and static charge.

Scorpius PRO 445

Rock solid LED work light for use on (land) construction machinery.


12-hour test for every work lamp

In addition to these tests for new lamps, each manufactured lamp is checked for manufacturing defects before it leaves the factory. This is done by running the work lamp for 12 hours at a time and verifying that the lamp has the correct power consumption.

From a work lamp that has passed all the tests, you can safely say that it is a "Light for Heavy Duty"!

Lamp life equal to vehicle

A work light from Nordic Lights lasts as long as the vehicle it is mounted on. So this means that you will never have to change lamps again, and therefore you will not have to incur any costs for this.

So in the long run, Nordic Lights are not only the best, but also the most economical lamps.