Van Vulpen achieves 8% reduction in fuel consumption with EasyDrive

Van Vulpen B.V., a contractor specialising in laying cables and pipelines, has already managed to make impressive fuel savings of 8% within six months thanks to the use of EasyDrive. The Gorinchem-based company has more than 100 large machines and around 160 vehicles, most of which are vans. With an annual fuel consumption of at least one million litres, Van Vulpen also generates the necessary CO2 emissions.

"With EasyDrive, we have already achieved fuel savings of 8%."

Erik Rebergen, Van Vulpen board member, explains that the market forces them to do business sustainably. This is because government and utility institutions only want to work with parties that are serious about corporate social responsibility and can demonstrate it. As one of the most progressive companies in their industry, Van Vulpen is always looking for innovative solutions to improve their processes.

After a successful pilot with six vehicles, Van Vulpen was convinced of the savings effect of EasyDrive. This system gives drivers a score assessment of their driving style via a screen in the vehicle, encouraging them to drive more economically. Rebergen stresses that they deliberately did not opt for technically restrictive measures such as rev limiters or speed limiters. Instead, they appeal to their employees' responsibility to meet the savings target. EasyDrive shows drivers exactly what the consequences of their driving behaviour are and how this affects CO2 emissions.

Van Vulpen started incorporating EasyDrive back in January 2014 and already achieved great results within six months with an 8% reduction in fuel consumption. The company even expected to reach the target of 10-12% fuel savings (and thus CO2 reduction) already within the first year.

Besides EasyDrive, Van Vulpen also uses other products from Rietveld B.V., such as the Efficio on-board computer. In addition, the machinery is equipped with EasyTrack, giving the company full insight into its operational processes.

About Van Vulpen

As a multidisciplinary and innovative contractor, Van Vulpen is your service provider in the decisive construction and maintenance of infrastructure networks for the transport and distribution of energy, water, gas, heat, lighting, data and telecom traffic.

Based in: Gorinchem, South Holland
Branch: Construction industry
Number of employees: 200