TransFollow E-CMR via the Rietveld Efficio on-board computer

Together with Beurtvaartadres BV (exclusive distributor of TransFollow in the Netherlands), Rietveld offers the possibility to integrate TransFollow into the Efficio3 on-board computer or the Efficio SmartApp for Android. This allows you to experience the speed of the e-CMR united with the user-friendliness of our on-board computer.

With TransFollow, you are guaranteed efficient and digital processing of your transport documents. Using e-CMR offers many advantages, including faster and error-free documentation, real-time insight into transport data and improved cooperation between all parties involved.

By integrating TransFollow into our Efficio on-board computer, we enable you to make optimal use of this innovative technology. With just a few clicks, you can generate, send and receive your CMR documents digitally. This not only saves time, but also costs associated with manually processing and archiving paper documents.

Moreover, our Efficio on-board computer is specially designed with usability as a priority. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for drivers to quickly access all necessary information and to easily sign and send documents digitally.

With the Efficio on-board computer from Rietveld and TransFollow, you are assured of hassle-free and paperless handling of your transport documents.

Experience the speed, efficiency and user-friendliness today!


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