Sylogi - Rietveld's house brand in Detection Products

Are you looking for custom detection products for detecting obstacles or people? Then the EasyDetect products are what you need!

Rietveld works with Sylogi's high-quality products and reliable detection systems under the EasyDetect product group.

At Sylogi they understand very well that every vehicle and every situation is unique. That is why they provide customized solutions that perfectly fit our customers' needs. Whether you are a truck driver who needs extra visibility while reversing, or a security company that wants to detect obstacles in remote areas, with Sylogi we can provide you with the right EasyDetect products.

EasyDetect Products

The detection products are designed with the latest technologies and meet the highest quality standards. With EasyDetect, we offer various types of systems, including radar and camera systems. These systems are easy to install and can be integrated with existing vehicle systems or security systems.

These detection systems allow you to detect obstacles and people in real time, significantly improving safety on the road. The systems are accurate, reliable and work even in the most challenging conditions. Whether you are driving in the dark, during bad weather or in crowded city centers, our EasyDetect of products always perform optimally.

Why Sylogi?

At Sylogi, like Rietveld, they strive for maximum customer satisfaction. The experienced engineers work closely with us and our customers to provide customized solutions that meet all their requirements. We understand that reliability and durability are essential when choosing detection products. By Sylogi, they use only high-quality materials and components for our systems. 

In addition, Sylogi also offers excellent after-sales service. Should our Rietveld's specialists have any questions, we can always call on Sylogi. Together we are strong to answer any questions and provide technical support when needed.

At Rietveld we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers as well as with our suppliers, based on trust and satisfaction.

In a nutshell

Rietveld is proud of its partnership with Sylogi for customized obstacle or person detection products. With the high-quality and reliable systems we ensure that you are always safe on the road. Whether you are a truck driver, security company or other type of vehicle owner, Rietveld has the perfect solution for your specific needs together with Sylogi.

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