Squarell - Rietveld's partner for hardware canbus adapters

Squarell is a leading partner of Rietveld, specializing in CANbus and vehicle signals. With their extensive experience in the automotive sector, they develop and produce innovative solutions for collecting and interpreting CANbus and vehicle data. Their portfolio is used in various industries such as automotive, telematics, industrial and off-road.

At Squarell, they understand better than anyone how important it is to get accurate and reliable data from vehicles. Therefore, they have specialized in interpreting vehicle signals so that customers can gain valuable insights about the performance of their fleet or machinery.

Their advanced technology enables Squarell to provide customized solutions for specific needs. Whether monitoring fuel consumption, driving behavior or engine diagnostics, Squarell has the knowledge and expertise to meet each customer's requirements.

Based in the Netherlands, Squarell serves customers around the world with their high-quality products and services. 

Together with Squarell, Rietveld created fuel-saving solutions for various fleets: EasyDrive. With these, our customers reduce fuel consumption by an average of 8%.

Other fleet results showed savings of 800% on idling. This reduced fuel consumption during idling from 4 liters per day to 0.6 liters.


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