Rietveld Foundation

Promising initiatives for self-reliance

The Rietveld Foundation supports promising initiatives that increase self-reliance, with education as a starting point, teaching people to stand on their own two feet. As a result, people can then contribute to a stronger community themselves.

Sharing knowledge for sustainable growth

At the Rietveld Foundation, we believe that we can use our knowledge to have a positive impact on companies that need a helping hand. Together with other organizations, we are committed to stimulating agriculture and the economy in Uganda, with the goal of generating wealth. We do not pursue ad hoc solutions, but work with a vision and strategy to fight poverty and develop a stable income. One of our projects is the Kumi Hospital AgroPark, through which we ultimately aim to combat malnutrition, which is one of the biggest causes of health problems.

Origin of the foundation

The Rietveld Foundation was established after we were approached by an NGO (Non Goverment Organization) for monetary donations. This aid organization expected a substantial annual contribution, but wanted to spend the money where they thought it was needed. Rietveld couldn't agree with this and found a more effective, direct way.

Recognized charity with ANBI Hallmark

Since 2017, the Rietveld Foundation has had ANBI status and is thus recognized as a charity by the Dutch tax authorities. This means that we operate without overhead costs. Every penny of the contributions we receive is therefore fully invested in our projects.


Would you like to know more about this?

We would greatly appreciate it! Visit our Rietveld Foundation website and find out how we are committed to corporate social responsibility. 

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