Rietveld has a data link with Simacan

Make your transport chain smarter. Optimize real-time transport information and communication
Simacan is an open and vendor-independent cloud platform for digital collaboration in transportation and logistics. With Simacan you can quickly and securely collaborate digitally with transport companies and shippers to address sector-wide challenges such as reducing transport costs, optimizing the transport chain and reducing CO2 emissions.

RIetveld has a partnership with Simacan

The Simacan platform gives you insight into your entire transport chain and allows you to directly manage exceptions. In addition, the platform provides safety alerts, last-mile instructions and information for drivers in the cab. Simacan anticipates real-time traffic information and takes into account traffic congestion and transport regulations. With Simacan, you can analyze your fleet data and optimize your transportation operations for a smarter supply chain.

With its ability to track real-time traffic information, Simacan is a valuable tool for minimizing contingencies that can disrupt your schedule. By using the platform, you can proactively respond to traffic congestion or other incidents that could affect your deliveries.

With the collaboration between Rietveld and Simacan, you can:

  • Improve efficiency: Through real-time information and communication, you can optimize your transport chain and minimize delays.
  • Reduce costs: By planning smarter and avoiding unnecessary kilometers, you can significantly reduce your transportation costs.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions: By choosing the most efficient routes, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Use Simacan and make your transport chain smarter. Optimize real-time transportation information and communication for a more efficient supply chain.

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