Treat yourself to premium work lights

Buying a new machine is not something you do lightly. During the buying process it is important to think carefully about the work you want to do with the machine. Many choices depend on this. For example, the power of the machine, the right attachments and any other accessories. After all, you need to be able to rely on your new machine for many years to come.

Good visibility when using the machine

But what about when you actually use the machine? Because it makes quite a difference whether you use the machine mainly during the day or just in the evening or at night. During the day you have good visibility due to the available daylight, but when it is dark you have to rely on the lighting on your machine.

Yet, in practice, lighting is hardly considered when buying a machine. Of course there are already lights on the vehicle, so "it will be okay," is often thought. But one lamp is not like another.

Big difference standard or premium lighting

In fact, choosing premium lighting instead of standard lighting can make a big difference. Not only by giving you better visibility in the dark, but also when it comes to productivity, fatigue and reducing the risk of damage or accidents.


With proper lighting, the eyes of the operator or driver are less likely to get tired. This, in turn, ensures that the driver remains alert, reducing the risk of an accident or damage while working.


Premium work lights also provide benefits for people working around the vehicle. This is because often work lights on a vehicle cause glare to people who need to look into the light. Really good work lights feature a lens that ensures that anyone around the vehicle is not blinded.

Nordic Lights: premium lighting with long life

Nordic Lights' LED work lights are known as premium work lights with long life. In addition, the lights feature lenses that prevent glare from people around the machine.

In recent years, Nordic Lights LED work lights have therefore proven to be extremely reliable in any working environment. Drivers and machine operators who have once worked with Nordic Lights in the dark will not want anything else.

Clear (light) picture with our Quickscan

Only, which LED work lights do you need on your machine? From a picture of just the lamp itself, you won't get an idea of how much light it gives. Let alone that you can estimate what difference the lamps make in practice.

Our Quickscan will give you a good idea of what to expect from an upgrade to Nordic Lights Premium LED work lights. First, choose a vehicle and then indicate when you usually use it. You will then receive advice for a lighting package tailored to your situation.

In addition to advice, you also get a realistic light simulation. This will give you an instant picture of what the lighting around the machine looks like in practice. So don't wait any longer and do the Quickscan below for your customized lighting advice!

Of course you can also contact us for personal advice. We are happy to help you as soon as possible with all your questions and wishes regarding work lighting.