The Piccolo Splitter - The innovative stand air conditioner for trucks

The Piccolo Splitter is a revolutionary stand air conditioner designed specifically for trucks. What sets this stand air conditioner apart in the market is the fact that there is no loss of space above or behind the truck cab when installed. This makes the compact Piccolo Splitter ideal for various applications such as heavy haulage, car transport and trucks where the top must remain clear for safety purposes.

With the Piccolo Splitter, truck drivers can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable cabin environment during their long trips. Whether it's hot summer days or cold winter months, this standard air conditioner always provides optimal temperature and ventilation in the cab.

The Piccolo Splitter is compatible with leading brands such as Volvo, MAN and Scania trucks. This allows drivers of different truck brands to benefit from this innovative product.

Key features of the Piccolo Splitter:
  • No loss of space above or behind the truck cab

  • Suitable for heavy transport, car transport and trucks with safety requirements

  • Provides optimal comfort and ventilation in the cabin

  • Compatible with Volvo, MAN and Scania trucks

Why choose the Piccolo Splitter?

The Piccolo Splitter offers a unique solution for truck drivers who need a stand air conditioner without losing space. The compact installation makes this stand air conditioner perfect for a variety of applications where every inch counts.

Moreover, the Piccolo Splitter always ensures a comfortable temperature and good ventilation in the cabin, regardless of the weather conditions outside. This contributes to the comfort and well-being of drivers during their long trips.

Choose innovation and convenience with the Piccolo Splitter - the standard air conditioner that doesn't compromise on space or quality!

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