NEXTdriver - The professional driving behavior coaching service

NEXTdriver improves drivers' driving behavior and structurally reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. This service automatically integrates with EasyTrack Fleetmanagement and the Efficio on-board computer.

With NEXTdriver, your drivers are structurally coached on professional driving behavior. This results not only in less fuel consumption, but also in fewer accidents and lower maintenance costs. Thanks to NEXTdriver, savings of up to 8% on fuel costs and CO2 emissions can be realized. For these analyses, NEXTdriver uses Fleet Management data from the Efficio on-board computer, which is automatically integrated with Rietveld's EasyTrack Fleetmanagement.

How it works.

Drivers receive weekly reports on their driving habits via the convenient NEXTdriver app. Professional coaches then engage with each driver to provide feedback and guide them in improving their driving habits. Special challenges can be found in the app to provide additional motivation.

Managers have access to the NEXTdriver Management Portal, where they can track their fleet's progress and immediately see how it translates into savings. Using the NEXTdriver Toolbox, managers can also provide their own coaching in a very efficient and effective way, with weekly reports automatically sent by NEXTdriver.


NEXTdriver is proud to be a winner of the 2020 National Road Safety Award. This recognition highlights its commitment to promoting safe driving and reducing carbon emissions.

Take concact today and reduce your fuel costs and CO2 emissions.


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