Mammoet chooses for custom safety solution by Rietveld

What was the requirement / problem Mammoet was looking for a solution to?

Mammoet is committed to safety and sustainability. Therefore, they want higher safety requirements for their cranes. Therefore, Mammoet's wish is a total solution that enables the crane operator to be aware of what is happening around their crane. In addition, it was also a desire to warn bystanders preventively so that maximum safety could be realised.

Why did Mammoet come to Rietveld B.V.?

Rietveld B.V. specialises in safety solutions for vehicles and machines, among other things. Our extensive experience in customisation, combined with a wide range of safety solutions, was decisive for Mammoet to sit down with us.

How did the solution come about?

Mammoet discussed this requirement with our specialists. This specific wish could not be realised with a single standard solution. To make this wish a reality, our specialists had to investigate which existing products could be combined. In the end, a selection was made that should be a total custom solution for this problem.

Which solutions were chosen?

The decision was made in favour of an EasyView 360 camera system with a "bird's eye view", an EasyDetect detection sensor system and a Red Lines solution.

360-degree camera:

The 360-degree camera with "bird view" gives the operator all-round visibility, allowing him/her to directly see what is happening around the crane.

Detection sensors:

As the operator cannot continuously look at a screen, the crane is also equipped with detection sensors. These sensors detect objects and people up to 3 metres from the crane. When something is within those 3 metres, an LED lights up in the ambient corner, alerting the operator. An audio warning is also given to the operator for extra awareness.


To make it complete, a Redlines system has been installed. This system is specifically for outdoor use and marks with red lines an area around the crane where people should stay out. This is primarily a preventive measure.

We have not used this combination of products before. In addition, a crane is also a special vehicle that we do not normally have inside. But with our "Everything is possible until proven otherwise" mentality and the skill of our technical people, we made this challenge another success!


Our requirements were realised with the right expertise from Rietveld and collaboration. By combining various systems into a final product, we were able to significantly improve safety on our fleet.

With a combination of 360° ''Bird view'' cameras, detection sensors and zone marker lights, we achieved the desired result and are very proud of the final result!

Ferdi Kivanc

Project Coordinator



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