Important information about EasyTacho

If you are using EasyTacho Remote Download, whether or not in combination with Rietveld Truck Rendement Service BV's Remote Download Service, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

Reading process:
The reading process takes place automatically. It is your responsibility at all times to ensure that the downloading process has been completed successfully. Rietveld Truck Rendement Service BV cannot be held liable for any missing data from the mass memory of your digital tachograph and driver cards. EasyTacho has the vehicles/drivers tab, which shows the status of the reading process under the status overview function. Should you find that a reading process has not been successfully completed over a longer period of time, please contact the Rietveld BV helpdesk.

Company pass(es):
As the validity of your company pass is of a temporary nature, you must ensure that Rietveld Truck Rendement Service BV always has a valid company pass for the purposes of the Remote Download Service. Rietveld Truck Rendement Service BV does not monitor this and cannot be held liable if the validity of your company pass(es) has expired.