GrootJebbink is Rietveld


For many, GrootJebbink is a well known name in vehicle safety. Since 2021, GrootJebbink has been a part of the Rietveld group.

As of November 15, 2023, the GrootJebbink name has been dropped. The reason is that Rietveld and GrootJebbink are one company with the same service. Not with equal solutions and products, but certainly complementary.

Rietveld now offer safety products in addition to Easy vehicle management. A very welcome addition.

Indeed, at Rietveld, we are on a mission to make the world more sustainable and safer when it comes to working with vehicles, machines and objects.

What will be different?

The GrootJebbink location and employees will be the same. So other than the name change, nothing will change. That is not all true: The financial information will change too. You can find it on our contactpage.

Thank you GrootJebbink!

Your business activities were our pleasure and we will continue them with the same commitment. That's a promise! We are only making it easier. One name, one employer, one supplier, one client, one administration. That fits well with Rietveld's Easy mindset.


No problem! Call or mail us because it is our pleasure to give clearity.  

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