GARMIN - World market leader in navigation

When it comes to navigation, GARMIN is the absolute world market leader. With their innovative technology and wide range of features, GARMIN enables users to enjoy unique benefits not found elsewhere.

One of these benefits is GARMIN Live Traffic. This feature provides real-time traffic information, so you are always aware of any delays or traffic jams on your route. This allows you to plan kouw trip more efficiently and save time.

Another great feature is the fully customizable vehicle profile that GARMIN offers. This profile allows you to enter specific restrictions such as height, weight, length and width of your vehicle. Based on this, the navigation will suggest routes suitable for your specific vehicle, allowing you to avoid surprises along the way.

Rietveld's Efficio on-board computer comes standard with GARMIN navigation and the adjustable vehicle profile. Rietveld is working closely with GARMIN as a supplier to develop the Efficio on-board computer solution. This solution allows you to benefit from GARMIN's advanced navigation capabilities, while enjoying the functionality and reliability of the Efficio on-board computer.

In short, with GARMIN as your partner in navigation, you get access to unique features such as GARMIN Live Traffic and the fully configurable vehicle profile. Whether you are a professional driver or just looking for a reliable navigation solution, GARMIN has everything you need.


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