Dynniq application GreenFlow for Trucks allows trucks to pass intersections safely and efficiently

Dynniq's innovative GreenFlow for Trucks application, available on Rietveld's Efficio on-board computer, allows trucks to pass intersections without stopping. This application works together with intelligent traffic control systems (iVRIs) to enable connected transport.

The GreenFlow for Trucks app aligns the timing of the iVRIs with the approaching heavy truck traffic. This means trucks can navigate traffic safely and smoothly, without unnecessary stops at intersections.

Dynniq is a dynamic, high-tech and innovative company providing integrated mobility solutions internationally. Dynniq's goal is to enable people and goods to travel quickly, sustainably and safely to their destinations using advanced technology.

Fa. J. Dobbe & Zn. Transport demonstrates the use of the GreenFlow for Trucks app on the Efficio on-board computer

An episode of How it's Done on RTLZ demonstrates how Fa. J. Dobbe & Zn. Transport uses the GreenFlow for Trucks app on their Efficio on-board computer. This customer shows how they benefit from the efficiency and safety offered by this application.


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