Continental - ContiConnect: Efficient remote tire monitoring

With ContiConnect from Continental, it is possible to remotely and continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature. This innovative system also alerts you immediately when alarming values are detected. By using ContiConnect, you can avoid tire-related breakdowns and optimize the operating time of your vehicles.

The ContiConnect tire sensor is mounted in the tire, allowing for continuous data collection. This sensor can be fitted after purchasing the tire, but can also be installed during factory production.

ContiConnect - The efficient solution for remote tire monitoring

ContiConnect TPMS consists of several components, including sensors in the tires, a yard reader station, a backend system and a web portal with notification services. The yard reader station collects measurements, analysis and reports on tire pressure and temperature for entire fleets based on data sent by the sensors in the tires.

The ContiConnect system sends alarm signals to your drivers and back office when tire pressure deviates from the defined value. It informs the designated recipients and proposes to correct the values if necessary. This allows you to act proactively and prevent problems instead of having to fix them afterwards. This leads to higher uptime of your entire fleet, less maintenance and overall more success in mobility and efficiency.

With ContiConnect, Continental offers an advanced remote tire monitoring solution. By using this system, you can keep your vehicles performing optimally, while saving costs and promoting safety.


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