Camera systems for light commercial vehicles

Your field service is your calling card on the road, so it is important that company cars and delivery vans with your name on them are driven neatly and safely. With a camera system from Rietveld you ensure that your drivers can reverse neatly and safely. Should an incident nevertheless occur, it is nice if a dashcam has recorded the situation as an independent eyewitness.

Reversing cameras for van and light commercial vehicles

Prevent damage when reversing by using a reversing camera. An average of 15% of all reversing accidents can be prevented by using reversing cameras, according to a study by the IIHS. Rietveld's camera systems give the driver a full view of what is happening behind the vehicle, making parking and maneuvering a lot easier. The camera system can be expanded with parking sensors and guides.

Both wired and wireless, Rietveld offers various reversing cameras for commercial vehicles. These are available in different widths, with a field of view varying between 40 and 160 degrees.



Compact Dash Cams GARMIN's compact dashcams are perfect for capturing video without being in the driver's field of view. Because details are important, the built-in GPS records when and where events take place. Driver alerts keep the driver alert and provide that little bit of extra environmental information. 360 degree camera system This system ensures that there is a complete top view of the vehicle's surroundings. This way you can see exactly what is happening in the environment. It is optional to include this feed. In this way, errors can always be traced, which prevents discussions.

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