In the world of logistics services and transportation, it is crucial to ensure the safety and efficiency of your vehicles. One of the most revolutionary technologies that can help with this is 360-degree cameras. These advanced cameras provide a true three-dimensional view around the vehicle displayed on the monitor, ensuring that no bollard, cyclist or other object is missed while driving. In this article, we discuss five reasons why installing EasyView 360-degree cameras on your vehicles is a smart choice for logistics service providers, transportation companies and other players in the transportation and logistics industry.

1. Complete visibility around your vehicle

The biggest advantage of EasyView 360-degree cameras is that they provide a full view of what is going on around the vehicle. With traditional side and rear view mirrors, there are always blind spots in which potentially dangerous situations can occur. With EasyView 360-degree cameras, these blind spots are a thing of the past. You now literally have eyes in all directions, allowing you to better anticipate potential dangers and avoid accidents.

2. Video telematics for real-time monitoring

By adding video telematics to EasyView, you can record the actions of your vehicles and view them remotely in real time. This offers numerous advantages. First, as a transportation company, you can immediately intervene in case of unsafe driving behaviors, such as hard acceleration or braking. This not only contributes to the safety of your drivers and other road users, but can also lead to fuel savings and lower maintenance costs.

3. Moving quickly with insurers

Another important benefit of EasyView 360-degree cameras is that they can help speed up the claims process. In the event of an accident or incident, the images can immediately serve as evidence. This allows for quick exchanges with insurers and faster settlement of claims. Not only does this save time and money, it also ensures that your business can get back up and running quickly after an incident.

4. Improved safety for home delivery workers

For home delivery drivers, it is often a challenge to perform their jobs safely in busy city centers and residential areas. With EasyView 360-degree cameras, however, they gain an extra set of eyes that help them avoid obstacles and accidents while maneuvering along narrow streets, parking lots and other tight spaces. This contributes not only to the safety of the delivery drivers themselves, but also to those in the neighborhood. If home deliveries come to dark, remote addresses, cameras with video telematics provide an extra sense of security for the delivery driver and their loved ones.

5. More efficient operations

Last but not least, EasyView 360-degree cameras can contribute to more efficient operations. Complete visibility around your vehicles allows drivers to maneuver more quickly and safely, allowing them to complete their routes faster. This can lead to shorter delivery times, higher customer satisfaction and possibly even long-term cost savings.

In short, with EasyView 360-degree cameras on your vehicles, you benefit from a complete view around the vehicle, real-time monitoring of driving behavior, faster claims handling, improved safety for home delivery drivers and more efficient operations. Therefore, as a logistics service provider or transportation company, investing in this advanced technology is well worth it. It will not only contribute to the safety and efficiency of your business, but can also have a positive impact on reputation and profitability.

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