T Comm Telematics monitors and records the exact temperature of your cargo

T Comm Telematics is the specialist in the field of wireless measurement, registration and real-time insight into the location and condition of trailers, motorcycles and trailers, and the condition of the cargo therein. These advanced solutions are used worldwide in various sectors, including food transport (food, AGF, fish, meat), transport of flowers and plants, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and livestock.

At T Comm, services go beyond just monitoring freight. The fully integrated systems help you optimize your business processes. Using our technology, you can not only monitor and record the exact temperature of your cargo, but also gain real-time insight into any deviations. This enables you to take proactive action when necessary.

Whether it's ensuring the quality and safety of food products, protecting sensitive pharmaceuticals from temperature fluctuations, or meeting regulatory requirements for the transportation of certain goods - T Comm Telematics offers the solution you need. The systems are reliable, accurate and easy to integrate with your existing logistics processes.

With T Comm, you can be confident that your cargo is always transported under optimal conditions. You can rest assured that your valuable cargo is stored and transported safely and in accordance with the correct temperature requirements. Through regular reports and real-time alerts, you always stay informed about the condition of the cargo.

Choose T Comm Telematics and experience the benefits of these innovative solutions for yourself. 


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